Taste this ASAP: So California Roll at Hai Street Kitchen & Co

Burrito-sized sushi rolls? C’mon, that’s an absolute gimme from the door. Hai Street’s already cornered the market on a really great food idea, and their latest menu addition, the So Calfornia Roll, just keeps the flavor coming—and at a lower cost, which is always appetizing. Like most of their other sushi burritos (Sushritos? Okay.), the So Cal is bursting with steamed rice and crisp romaine lettuce, but also shredded carrots and cucumber, all-natural imitation crab and a not-too-spicy avocado salsa—the perfect simple, nutritious lunch that’s not too forced diet-y. It’s a nice two-fisted meal, made on the spot with either white or brown rice. And the couple dollars you save will pay for an icy housemade hibiscus ice tea, so dub it a tasty two-fer.

Who it’s for: Sushi appreciators, seaweed lovers, fans of utensil-free dining.

Where to get it: Hai Street Kitchen’s two locations: 32 S. 18th St. and 125 S. 40th St. haistreetkitchen.com.